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Beverage Truck Pros FAQ

Where are your trucks, tractors and trailers located?

Our units are located from coast to coast in the continental US. Each time a truck is moved, it adds to the cost of the truck. Trucks remain with their previous owner until sold as it would only add to the cost of the purchase to have it transported to us. By transporting directly from distributor to distributor, we are able to save you money!

How does the vehicle get to my location?

There are two basic options. The first being that you can arrange for pick up of the vehicle by sending a member of your team to the pick up location to return the truck to your facility. Alternatively, we can arrange to have the unit delivered to you. We work with several transportation companies that are licensed and insured to deliver your vehicle directly to your door. The cost of this option varies by distance and location, but we will gladly arrange quotes for you.

So people just buy trucks they have never seen?

EVERYDAY! At Beverage Truck Pros, we only represent the truck for exactly what it is. No more, no less, so you can be confident in knowing exactly what you are buying!

What happens if the truck arrives and there is a problem?

We all know that stuff happens, and from time to time, this applies to used vehicles. The good news is that since we want to be your trusted friends, we will treat you like one! If a vehicle arrives at your facility with an issue, call us and we will work to quickly and efficiently resolve the issue.

Do you collect sales tax and register the vehicle?

If you are located in the State of Florida, we will collect the sales taxes, titling and registration, and any tag fees that are required by the DMV.

If you are not in the State of Florida, we will not collect any of the aforementioned fees. We simply send you the title and you will pay your states DMV fees and taxes when you register the vehicle.

Speaking of the title, will it have a bunch of confusing re-assignments when I get it?

No. Beverage Truck Pros will Priority Mail a clean Florida title to you. The only names on the title will be Beverage Truck Pros and yours, so the DMV will be able to easily transfer the title into your name.

Do you offer financing or leasing?

We use a third party company that we can refer you to for financing and leasing needs.

I have some vehicles that I would like to sell or trade in. Can you help me?

Yes! Let us know what you have and we will give you all of your options, even iff the best option does not directly involve us!

Can you refurbish, paint or decal the vehicles you sell?

We can refurbish, paint and decal any vehicle we sell, or any vehicle that you own! We work with a wonderful network of facilities throughout the country that can get the job done right!

Where do you get these vehicles? Do you just broker them?

That’s a trade secret! However, as your friends in the business, we’ll let you in on it!

Our vehicles come from several sources including banks, distributors, leasing companies and dealership trade ins. Some we own, some are on consignment and some are brokered.