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Beverage Truck Pros Warranty Policy

Beverage truck pros will split the cost of any mechanical repairs 50/50 within thirty (30) days of delivery or pick up of the vehicle. Plus, with our technical and mechanical knowledge and our low parts pricing due to our buying power, you know that the diagnosis and repair will be done quickly and cost efficiently! Our knowledge is what sets us apart!

A dealer’s reputation is key in the used truck market. That’s why all of Beverage Truck Pros trucks go through a thorough DOT inspection and road test. All trucks are inspected and represented to be in “trade terms”, which is an industry standard for used trucks.

Trade Terms Means:

  • Engine and transmission are in proper operating condition
  • All equipment works properly
  • All glass is intact with no chips or cracks
  • Tires and brakes pass DOT inspection
  • Doors and locking systems are functional